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Cosmetic Dentistry  | Portale Dental

You don't have to travel to Hollywood to get a Hollywood smile. People right here in Ridgefield, NJ save time and air fare by...

Restorative Dentistry | Portale Dental

Missing teeth don't have to stay missing when you visit Portale Dental. Our expert staff can use restorative dentistry to...

Facial Esthetics  | Portale Dental

How would you like to look years younger? We don't have a time machine at Portale Dental in Ridgefield, NJ, but we...

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The Perfect Smile

Portale Dental takes dental science into the next generation by helping people in Ridgefield, NJ feel and look fantastic! We do that daily using the power of dentistry to turn ordinary smiles to dazzling ones. We’ll do it for you too when you give us a call.

Many famous Hollywood stars aren't born with the beautiful smiles you see on the big screen. Sometimes it takes a little dental magic to get them that way. At Portale Dental, we've devoted our lives to perfecting dental magic to enhance the beauty of your teeth regardless of their condition.

What is aesthetic dentistry? If you've seen pictures of people who've had restorative or cosmetic dentistry before, you've witnessed aesthetic dentistry in action. Restorative dentistry uses dental implants, dentures and other methods to restore teeth that are missing.

Cosmetic dentistry goes a step further and helps people enjoy white, perfect teeth that radiate health and beauty. Teeth whitening is just one of the procedures we use in cosmetic dentistry procedures. Chips, stains and irregularly shaped teeth are a thing of the past after we finish your smile makeover.

One of the most important techniques we use is sedation dentistry. Safe and effective, sedation dentistry ensures that you experience pain-free dental work in a relaxing environment. Dr. Joseph J. Portale, our dental expert, takes a gentle, caring, approach during treatment and ensures that you are comfortable and relaxed at all times. There’s no need to “fear the dentist” anymore.

While perfect teeth can give you a new outlook on life, so can a younger, more youthful appearance. In addition to correcting dental problems, we provide facial esthetics that can take years off your appearance.

We have lots of information we'd like to share that can help you understand the benefits of working with the team at Portale Dental to create the perfect new you. Call us today to learn more!